To be the leading alternative investment company in Nigeria by 2025

Our Mission

To unlock value for our stakeholders by identifying opportunities and providing innovative solutions

CSR Statement

Improve societal and economic wellbeing through responsible investing.

Our Investment Philosophy

In our bid to become Nigeria’s leading alternative investment company, we are guided by the following principles:


We strive to maintain a diversified and well-balanced portfolio in terms of the industries we invest in, and organizations we transact with. We ensure that our portfolio exposure to individual sectors (as defined by the Nigerian Bureau of Statistics [NBS]) does not exceed limits determined by our governance and risk management framework.

Economic and social impact

We recognize that economic growth ultimately leads to a reduction of poverty and improvement of quality of life in Nigeria and Africa at Large. As long-term investors, we see beyond financial return. Thus, our transactions must pass the test of having the potential to lead to significant and measurable job creation, poverty alleviation, improvement in standards of living, and all-round economic growth and development.

Our Core Values

Partnership | Innovation | Persistence | Ambition


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